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The Trauma-Informed Care for Providers and Helping Professionals Learning Collaborative offers training to support professionals on a path from introductory trauma awareness to integrated and advanced trauma-informed practices, approaches, and care. Participants will attend four learning sessions, develop a plan for starting to implement trauma-informed practices, and have an opportunity to participate in four virtual learning calls. Participants will be provided resources and support to help facilitate the implementation and sustainability of various trauma-informed practices during learning sessions and learning calls. Case-based learning will be utilized during some sessions.

We highly recommend that you and your colleagues attend this learning collaborative together as a team, although we allow individual participants to attend this collaborative. Please note that some of the activities within this learning collaborative were created for teams, however these activities can also be completed as an individual with minor modifications. 

The Center on Trauma and Children is approved by the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology to offer continuing education for psychologists (2023309D). CTAC is approved by the Kentucky Board of Social Work as a sponsor for continuing education for social work KBSWSP-202327.  CTAC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

This event is free for participants!

Learning Sessions will help participants:


  1. Develop goals and a plan for the implementation and sustainability of trauma-informed practices based on TIC assessment results.
  2. Understand the types and sources of trauma exposure children and adolescents experience.
  3. Recognize the signs and symptoms of traumatic stress.
  4. Learn the effects of trauma on the developing brain.
  5. Understand the impact of trauma on cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning of children and adolescents.
  6. Identify and practice strategies to build resilience and support improved emotional regulation of children who have been exposed to trauma.
  7. Increase knowledge of child traumatic grief and learn about treatments and resources that can be utilized with youth experiencing grief reactions.
  8. Learn how to complete trauma-informed safety plans, as well as develop an understanding of youth who will benefit from the safety planning intervention.
  9. Learn about trauma-informed assessment and screening practices, evidence-based trauma-focused interventions, and the relationship between trauma and substance use disorders.
  10. Recognize and increase awareness about the impact of secondary traumatic stress (STS) on providers and develop strategies for managing and reducing the risk of STS symptoms.

As a participant in this learning collaborative, you will be expected to attend each of the learning sessions and learning calls listed below. 

Learning Collaborative Schedule

LC Event Table Hours Date Time (ET)
Pre-training Call: Introduction of Learning Collaborative and Overview of LC expectations 1 Tues 6/4/24 12 – 1 pm ET
Session 1: Introduction to TIC and Trauma Awareness, Agency TIC assessment pre-test 4 Tues 6/11/24 10-2:30 pm ET
Call 1:  Implementation focus: based on homework questions 1 Tues 7/2/24 12 – 1 pm ET
Session 2: Understanding challenging behaviors; Impact of trauma on brain development; Strategies to enhance self-regulation in clients, Implementation: goal development w/homework 4 Tues, 7/16/24 10-2:30 pm ET
Call 2: Implementation focus: finessing goals 1 7/25/24 12 – 1 pm ET
Session 3: Childhood Traumatic Grief; Overview of Evidence-Based trauma treatments for children, Trauma Informed Safety Planning, Sustainability w/homework 4 Tues, 7/30/24 10-2:30 ET
Call 3:  Sustainability focus: obstacles, resources, planning 1 Tues, 8/6/24 12 – 1 pm ET
Session 4: Overview of Trauma and Substance Use Disorders, Sustainability (no homework), Secondary Traumatic Stress 4 Tues, 8/20/24 10-2:30 ET
Call 4: Agency TIC assessment post-test; Looking forward 1 9/17/24 12 – 1 pm ET

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