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Trauma-Informed Care

This training is focused on the types of trauma children and adults may be exposed to; the impact of trauma exposure on the developing brain and the subsequent impact on cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning; and signs and symptoms of traumatic stress and how it may manifest in a variety of settings. Participants have the opportunity to practice application of an array of trauma-informed approaches to build resilience and reduce traumatic stress symptoms. Participants are guided to identify trauma informed practices they can utilize in their workplaces.

Trauma Informed Practices for Educators and School Personnel Learning Collaborative 2024-2025

The Trauma-Informed Practices for Educators and School Personnel Learning Collaborative (TIPE) offers participants in-depth knowledge about and opportunity to apply trauma-informed practices in their school settings. 

Skills for Psychological Recovery Community of Practice Call

The UK Center on Trauma and will be holding a community of practice call for those who have begun to use Skills for Psychological Recovery in their work. Please join us on Tuesday, April 18 from 12 – 1 pm (ET) to discuss the challenges of utilizing SPR, ask any lingering questions about implementation, and share your wins in using SPR in your community. We will also share resources and materials in languages other than English for those who need them in your work.

Secondary Traumatic Stress Core Competencies in Trauma-Informed Supervision

Quality supervision is an important support that organizations can provide to staff members at risk of developing STS. The STS-Informed Supervisory Competencies were developed to guide supervisors in providing effective STS supervision. The University of Kentucky's STS Innovations and Solutions Center has developed this training to assist supervisors in developing these competencies to effectively address secondary traumatic stress.

Staying Inside the Window of Tolerance: An Advanced Training on STS and Resilience

In this training, we will be exploring how working in a secondary trauma-exposed environment is impacting you. And, we will be reviewing strategies to mitigate those impacts. We will be using the Window of Tolerance (WOT) framework to discuss regulation, dysregulation, and as a frame for reviewing coping strategies in the face of STS. Come learn strategies to help you self-monitor and stay in your window of tolerance. Also, explore how your organization can play an important role in mitigating the effects of trauma exposure.