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In this training, we will be exploring how working in a secondary trauma-exposed environment is impacting you. And, we will be reviewing strategies to mitigate those impacts. We will be using the Window of Tolerance (WOT) framework to discuss regulation, dysregulation, and as a frame for reviewing coping strategies in the face of STS. Come learn strategies to help you self-monitor and stay in your window of tolerance. Also, explore how your organization can play an important role in mitigating the effects of trauma exposure.


WHEN: June 25th, 2024 from 1:00pm ET to 3:00PM ET.  This training will be offered virtually, via Zoom.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who works in and around indirect trauma exposure and who wants to expand their ability to identify and respond to secondary traumatic stress. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: This free training will introduce the window of tolerance as a way to help deepen and broaden your understanding of working in and around indirect trauma exposure. The presentation will be interactive and fast-paced. A wide variety of strategies will be presented. Participants can expect to walk away with a wider grasp of STS and skills to effectively address secondary traumatic stress.

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