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Course Description

Welcome to Staying Inside the Window of Tolerance: An Advanced Training on Secondary Traumatic Stress and Resiliency.  This training is being offered by the University of Kentucky Center on Trauma and Children through the Secondary Traumatic Stress Innovations and Solutions Center.  We will be using the Window of Tolerance framework to discuss regulation, dysregulation, and as a frame for reviewing coping strategies in the face of secondary traumatic stress.  The content for this training was created by  the Secondary Traumatic Stress Innovations and Solutions Center team, including Dr. Ginny Sprang, Cambria Walsh, Alex Clark, Josh Fisherkeller, and Dr. Leslie Ross. This training is being sponsored by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration to the University of Kentucky Center of Trauma and Children.

Learning Objectives

  • Enact skills to self-monitor and move inside the window of tolerance when dysregulated.
  • Select from a range of peer and supervisory support strategies to address secondary traumatic stress and build resilience.
  • Develop a secondary traumatic stress action and implementation plan.

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